About Elina

Elina is an experienced Breathwork Coach, BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release facilitator, body-work & massage therapist, and Lifestyle Strategist for Personal Empowerment.

As a mystic at heart, she has sought, studied, and practiced the most efficient paths and tools for healing, integrating the body-mind-emotions. Fascinated by human existence, and the challenges that we all seem to go through, her life has been dedicated to bringing empowerment and wellbeing through the most efficient methods (bodywork, various massage modalities, breathwork, trauma release, somatic experiencing, meditation, movement, dance, yoga, nutrition, the path of self-inquiry, shadow-work, plant medicines, shamanism, mysticism).

Born in Latvia, raised in France and a citizen of the world, she has traveled the world learning, studying and practicing the most powerful and transformative tools found in different cultures.

From a very young age, she felt pulled towards healing arts, body-oriented therapies and mysticism.

Besides her natural and intuitive gift to see and heal, she naturally started studying practices and modalities to integrate and transform her own conditions, blockages & limitations. Motivated by her own transformation, she felt called to share with others what she has discovered and experienced.

She has created a holistic, deeply transformative approach, born from years of research, study, and experience.

With over 10 years of expertise, Elina inspires and empowers people to take back their authentic expression and power by improving their lifestyle through deep de-armoring and deconditioning practices. In this way encouraging them to live to the fullest of their potential. She believes in a holistic approach to human wellbeing, where all aspects need to be integrated. She encourages core work where the source of the ailment or the condition is found, addressed, integrated, and released for an in-depth and lasting transformation to occur.

Her motivation is to support others on their journey of personal growth, health, and empowerment, so they can connect with their sovereign, authentic potential, and have a direct experience of their true self.

She facilitates workshops, retreats, and private sessions around the world, online and in person.

Over her years of practice, Elina has had a huge effect on the lives of the people she has encountered through her work.



  • "The intuitive guidance and Breathwork from Elina was a very deep, potent experience for me. She has a remarkable nurturing ability and clarity that guided me effectively and safely to a place within myself where I could release deep old patterns. This had an immediate effect upon my life and I was able to find the inner strength to make positive life changes. I feel Elina has a beautiful inner depth, sensitivity, and commitment to her path as a spiritual practitioner that ensures her work is aligned with the highest truth."

    Ra Lalita Dasi
    Founder of Satya Loka
    School of Yoga & Traditional Tantra


  • "Elina is a great bodyworker, having several massage sessions with her, she really helped me so much with my back pain and feeling good in my body. In general, she is an inspiration to me; I also visited some of her Breathwork workshops, which was really transformative.

    Elina knows what she is doing and you can feel it."

    Marie Leben


  • "Elina facilitates a space that is relaxed, nurturing, and safe. Through different rhythms and practices, Elina held the space for our bodies to express their sensations, as well as the accumulated emotions through our own free form of movements. Each and everyone is dancing their own personal dance, and yet we are interconnected.

    After Elina’s sessions, I felt more relaxed and calmer, with an aftertaste of well-being."

    Elita Racina