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About Elina

Discover Your True Potential with Elina: Your Trusted Guide to Transformation and Empowerment

Meet Elina, a seasoned visionary guide whose expertise lies at the intersection of Neuroscience, BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release, shadow-work (the path of self-discovery), somatic and body-oriented psychology, bodywork, energy work, and Lifestyle Strategy for Personal Empowerment.

Elina’s journey as a mystic has been dedicated to exploring and mastering the most efficient paths and tools for healing and integrating the body-mind-emotions. She seamlessly blends ancient traditions, deeply rooted in shamanic practices, with the latest in therapeutic knowledge.

Driven by a profound fascination for the human experience and its challenges, Elina is committed to empowering individuals and enhancing their well-being through these highly effective methods. Certified and extensively experienced in a myriad of modalities such as Myofascial Release bodywork, diverse massage techniques, BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release, somatic practices, meditation, energy work, Reiki mastery, movement therapy, yoga, nutrition, self-inquiry, shadow-work, plant medicines, shamanism, mysticism, and ceremonial practices. Her expertise creates a unique approach to the path of self-development.

Born in Latvia and raised in France, Elina embodies a true global citizen, having travelled across the world to learn, study, and practice transformative tools from diverse cultures. Her innate calling toward healing arts, body-oriented therapies, and mysticism emerged at a young age, propelling her to study various practices and modalities, ultimately integrating and transforming her own conditions, blockages, and limitations. This personal transformation fuelled her purpose to share her profound discoveries and experiences with others.

With over 15 years of dedicated expertise, Elina inspires and empowers individuals to reclaim their authentic expression and power by elevating their lifestyle through profound de-armouring and deconditioning practices. She advocates for a holistic approach to human well-being, emphasizing the importance of integrating all aspects of the self. Elina encourages core work, addressing the very source of ailments or conditions, and facilitating their integration and release for a deep and lasting transformation.

At the heart of Elina’s motivation is to support others on their journey of personal growth, health, and empowerment, enabling them to connect with their sovereign, authentic potential, and truly experience their inner selves. She facilitates impactful workshops, transformative retreats, and personalized private sessions worldwide, both online and in person.

Throughout her years of dedicated practice, Elina has profoundly impacted the lives of countless individuals she has encountered, guiding them toward their transformative journey of empowerment and well-being.

 Embark on a path to discover your true potential and embrace the transformative power of Elina’s expertise.