The importance of nutrition in a healing process

The importance of nutrition in a healing process

The importance of nutrition in a healing process.

The truth is,  plant-based nutrition has been a crucial contributor to my own journey and supported many transformative processes within myself.

I have to admit, I somewhat held back all my knowledge about a plant-based lifestyle as I did not want to be perceived as “yet another vegan who wants to convince us”. Nutrition is very connected to the healing process of physical, mental and emotional conditions, and I just couldn’t hold back anymore. My motivation? To share yet another tool for people to improve their lifestyle & wellbeing, for people to connect even more with their authentic power, energy and life force…

I wish to share with my clients on a larger scale, my knowledge and years of experience in those the topics of therapy & nutrition.  My approach has always been a holistic one, incorporating all levels of the being: body, soul, mind.

To be honest: you cannot expect to heal childhood trauma or stress, but keep numbing your unresolved memories with junk food and unhealthy habits, no matter what kind of therapies you do. Nutrition & therapy go hand in hand, you need to approach your transformation from all sides of the spectrum. You have to give your body the proper nutrition to be able to process the emotions, whilst supporting your neurotransmitters, cells, nerves, muscles, organs, so that all of your body-temple complex mechanism can run properly.

It is proved that certain foods damage your health and even nervous system (more on this topic will come in a separate article). For example, if you have suffered from trauma or stress, there is a big chance that your nervous system has gone through a type of electrical jolt. Your brain might have experienced a burn out by an adrenaline rush, which got released in your system to generate a fight or flight response. When we are not able to use this adrenaline to respond to a situation, this same adrenaline that flooded your system, saturates the tissues of your vital organs, more so your brain and can create consequences such as depression & PTSD. Your neuropathways need to be rebuilt, healed, repaired. The good news is that it is possible to repair.


Well first of all, care & appropriate therapy. Such as: BioDynamic Breathwork & trauma release, bodywork, somatic experiencing, conscious movement. Those are the therapies I have found as the most efficient ones and which I have not only practiced thoroughly myself, but also offer to my clients. These practices help you to connect to the source of your condition, acknowledge it, integrate it and most importantly release it from your system. In doing so, you create space for new, positively charged life experiences to take place.

Furthermore: patience, presence, support & care from loved ones.

And in addition: you need to support this reprogramming that takes place at a deep cellular and nervous levels after those sessions and experiences. And how do you do it? By giving your body the proper fuel to sustain that renewal and rewiring work. Without proper nutrition with all the needed minerals & vitamins, your body cannot sustain a long-lasting change. Your brain needs the proper nutrition to rewire and heal your neurotransmitters. It needs new, healthy positive experiences, PLUS the support of a healthy plant-based, nutrition-full lifestyle. In this way, you can nourish your cognitive function and central nervous system, and support yourself at all levels: body, soul, heart, mind.

So let’s say, you went to a Trauma Release session, and accessed deep processes, experienced some release and an insight into it. You feel like you truly went through a life-transforming experience. You went through a deprogramming which is real at the physical level and soul level. If after your session, you go and indulge right away on white sugar (old coping and numbing mechanisms most probably), you slow down your process of integration and transformation. As white sugar is truly damaging to your brain cells (it’s actually pure poison to all of our body). On the opposite, if after your session you dive into a rich fresh fruit platter, you actually help your body to strengthen and integrate the new information, by flooding your blood cells with all the vitamins and minerals it needs to get the support for cell renewal and to create new pathways for positive experiences. This is essential in healing. You need integration. And the right nutrition is part of this integration work.

Now I can also share a bit of my own life’s journey. I have not been vegan, not even fully vegetarian all my life. I was conditioned into meat eating by my family and culture. As I grew up I gradually ate less and less meat, as I listened more and more to my body’s instincts and as my spirit awakened more. Arrived the moment when it was time to really dive deep into my own healing process of facing up to long-held shocks in my system. By then I was already a vegetarian, but not vegan yet. I was still eating some dairy products and having an occasional party drink. My own inner process deepened and I started to do the most work I had ever done on myself, through many powerful methodologies (some of which I now work with myself), as well as working with plant medicines, implementing deep shadow work and self-inquiry work. At that time, I received a very clear inner guidance to deepen my own healing, but I also got confirmation that I will work with people who have been through similar challenges to mine. And for that I needed to clean my body vessel, I needed to become the clearest, cleanest channel possible. My inner guidance showed me how to support, rewire and cleanse myself. I stopped alcohol from one day to another and became vegan with no suffering or difficulty attached to it. And trust me, I could have never ever imagined that it would be possible for me to give up on my cheese. And here I was, not even missing it, striving on plant-based food, experimenting with cleanses, detoxes, healthy plant-based recipes and feeling better and better in my skin and in my life. I truly felt that the proper nutrition supported me to get faster healing but also a more integrated and long lasting result experience, as well as clearer perception and mind. I also noticed my body becoming healthier and stronger.

I have been working for many years now, facilitating space for people to dive deep, release long-held pains, shocks, belief patterns, through private sessions, groups, workshops and retreats. I now bring in the element of nutrition for those truly ready to take charge of their own wellbeing at all levels. All the tools I present here in my work can support you to go through a long-lasting, life-changing experience. YES, it is possible to feel more vibrant, more alive, healthy, juicy, sexy, free, more aligned, and more at peace with yourself. And if you wish to receive support in this: REACH OUT!

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Then… feel & see yourself transform.

With love.