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Awaken Retreats

offer more than a one-time mystical adventure, it’s a unique series of deeply therapeutic and transformative journeys of unraveling, discovering, and allowing the untamed brilliance within you. A holistic experience that aims to reshape the way you live life for it to be a long-lasting, embodied change.

In our retreats, you can experience our signature blend of antique and contemporary techniques; such as astrology, breath work & trauma release, self-inquiry, bodywork, meditation & mindfulness, plant-based nutrition, sound healing, moon & fire rituals, cacao ceremonies, yoga & kundalini activations.

We aim at grounding spirituality into reality by restructuring your whole internal system to the core.

You will be able to peel off old beliefs, shocks, and conditioning, by understanding, integrating, and letting them go. Aligning with the truth and frequency available to rise, connect, live, and create life from a more authentic, empowered place.


The Tools


BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release

Therapeutic Astrology

Embodiment & Conscious Movement

Universal Yoga

Self Discovery & Personal Development

Emotional Release and Healing

Meditation & Mindfulness

Kundalini activations

Pleiadian activations

Reiki initiations


Sound Healing

Moon & Fire rituals

Cacao ceremony

Plant-based & conscious nutrition

Water Healing

Tours to sacred places & nature trips

The Misson


Awaken your authentic expression

Rebirth your sovereign nature

Envision and live your truth

Find grounding and harmony

Allow life and vibrancy

Explore vulnerability

Allow emotions

Improve your health

Activate your creativity

Awaken your sensuality

Have a direct connection to your authentic self

Experience positively charged sensations & emotions

Improve your sense of embodiment 

Rebirth your potential

Let go of past stories, traumas, beliefs, and conditioning

Take charge of your life





Daniel Torres Calderon studied Visual Arts in Peru. After almost finishing his first career in architecture, he discovered Yoga and meditation, as a way of nurturing his inner self.

Daniel studied with Andrey Lappa in Miami, one of the most influential personalities in yoga and meditation techniques. He studied Kabbalah while living in NYC, where he found his connection to astrology and then completed his studies in Therapeutic Astrology.

Once back to Lima, he opened Oasis Holístico, his holistic center and life project: a place dedicated to holistic wellness and personal development, where he worked as an astrologer, yoga instructor, meditation guide, and Director.

Nowadays Daniel is based in Tulum and works with people online and in person, offering life transformative retreats, workshops, astrology, and meditation sessions.







Elina O Vincent as a mystic at heart, has sought, studied, and practiced the most efficient paths and tools for healing and integrating the body-mind-emotions. Fascinated by human existence, and the challenges that we all seem to go through, her life has been dedicated to bringing empowerment and wellbeing through the most efficient methods. From a very young age, she felt pulled towards healing arts, body-oriented therapies, and mysticism.

Besides her natural and intuitive gift to see and heal, she has studied practices and modalities from cultures worldwide. She has created a holistic, deeply transformative approach, born from over 15 years of research, study, experience, and intuition.

Her toolbox contains various bodywork modalities, energy work, BioDynamic Breathwork & trauma release therapy, somatic experiencing, meditation, movement, yoga, nutrition, the path of self-inquiry, shadow-work, plant medicines, mysticism, rebirthing and ancestry healing, Reiki master teacher, \”healing the womb\” work with women.

Her motivation is to support others on their journey of personal growth, health, and empowerment, so they can connect with their sovereign, authentic potential, and have a direct experience of their true self.

Now based in Tulum, she facilitates transformative workshops, retreats, and private sessions around the world, online and in person.






Virtual Retreat

Awaken your true self

13-15th November 2020


Awaken Retreats

in Tulum Mexico

Dates coming soon

Retreat Reviews


\”It was just so special and the scenery and nature surrounding us in the beautiful hills of Pereira (Colombia) were like a fairytale! Perfect for nurturing us as we were gently invited to open ourselves up to unpeeling the layers and discovering our unique selves. I have so much appreciation for the space you created for us to explore what’s really underneath all the social conditioning and whatever that builds up within us\”.

– Krystyn


\”The overall experience of the retreat was wonderful and transformative. Not only did we have the opportunity to grow as people, in an environment surrounded by nature, silence and fresh air, but we also shared with women who, like me, had an immense desire to find themselves.\”



\”Thank you, Elina. You are a very special and beautiful soul. You are truly gifted to hold the space filled with love and help people to heal their traumas, painful memories, and fears. It was a beautiful and profound journey. Thank you for making the magic happen.
We are looking forward to sharing the deep space of transformation with you again.\”

-Elena Kvistik


\”It helped me immensely to ground back into my body, to reconnect with my emotions, and to release long-held tension. Every session was insightful and transformative in its unique way. Elina is a gifted facilitator. She was able to hold a safe and loving space for the group, guiding us gently, but soundly with her voice or physical touch. When I was feeling stuck or dealing with intense energies she had a precise intuition for what I needed at this moment. The group setting felt supportive to me as it was easier to reach and express my emotions while I heard others express their own. The sharing circle at the beginning and in the end, as well as the short warm-up exercise just before the breathwork, made the experience whole. Over the course of time, I\’ve noticed that the processing of pain during the first few sessions made some space for states of pleasure and joy that I\’ve barely known before. It has taught me that it\’s absolutely worth it to stay committed and open every time anew. I can highly recommend Elina\’s work with all of my heart. Thank you, Elina, for the precious time that we\’ve spent together.\”

– Luise Anahata