Deep Feminine Retreat

Tulum – MEXICO

10 – 14th November 2022


 A holistic, transformative retreat experience for women

designed to awaken, rewild and restore

their deep feminine and their soul’s highest expression.



Do you need to deeply relax + restore yourself? 

Are you looking for a more feminine spirituality?

Would you like to meet and feel nourished by a like-minded group of women?

Welcome yourself to the land of cacao, and honey + the longest underwater river/cave system in the world… you will be guided to find your own inner sweetness + depth.

 You are warmly invited to join a deep feminine, healing, rewilding experience without imposition or forcing. We provide a safe space of beauty, rest, play, nourishment, in which each individual can decide within their own timing, how much “shadow” they choose to face and transform. We have an elegant blend of group exercises, transformative practices, and local ceremonies, paired with adventures in nature and to sacred sites. You will be held by a relaxed and nourishing atmosphere, for you to dive deep into your authentic feminine essence. The capacity to share yourself truly and authentically is supported by the group dynamic, the professional guidance, and the lush nature of this sacred land.



A voyage over the turquoise sea, past characteristic coves, and ancient ruins of Mayan civilizations, all surrounded by beaches of white sand and lush jungle … this is the Caribbean coastline of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. Get ready to be enchanted with natural contrasts, the lights and colors of a region that combines old traditions, a rich culture, and a wild nature. 

The main building of the Mayan Temple located in Tulum is perched on a rocky cliff above the white sand beach and turquoise sea. Near the ruins is the Parque Nacional Tulum, a coastal area with mangroves, jungle, and cenotes (natural limestone sinkholes). 

As part of our retreat, we’ll have the unique opportunity to visit the Mayan ruins of Tulum, soak in the paradisiac, warm Caribbean waters, as well as float in cenotes.

 This is a sacred land with a mystical aura, ancestral presence, divine essence, ancient rites of passage, healing, and transformation.

Join us to receive the blessings of this sacred land and to uncover your own deep feminine nature.

Our Values

❀ Authentic beauty

❀ Immersive journey within your own heart

❀ Light-hearted playfulness

❀ Relaxation & freedom 

❀ Deep feminine spirituality

❀ Rebirth your wild devotion

❀ Awaken your essence and sensuality

❀ Co-existing in harmony with the local culture, traditions, and land

❀ Transformative, healing practices (BioDynamic breathwork, conscious movement, tantra, yoga, somatic experiencing, embodiment, rebirthing, ancestral healing)

❀ Sound & Meditative Journeys

❀ Releasing & clearing emotional programs

❀ Full reverence for Mother Nature 

❀ Reconnect to your authentic, playful, sensual self

❀ Deep rejuvenation & vibrancy

❀ Healthy plant-based food

❀ Sacred traditional ceremonies (Temascal / native sweat lodge, Cacao Ceremony)

❀ Spectacular nature & sacred site journeys (cenote, ocean, lagoon, Mayan Temple)

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Daily Schedule (subject to change)

DAY 1:

Group Welcome Dinner

Opening ceremony + ritual, womb meditation, intention setting

DAY 2:

Gentle Feminine Yoga 

Somatic + Connection Workshop 

Mayan Temple of Tulum & Beach + land offering

Traditional Temazcal (sweat lodge) 

DAY 3:

Gentle Feminine Movement + Yoga 

BioDynamic Breathwork 

Deep rest / integration time / journaling

Cenote and/or Lagoon Snorkeling Outing

Sacred practices &  Sound Healing 


DAY 4:

Cacao Ceremony

Sensual Awakening Workshop 

Optional private sessions with Elina or Alisha

Snorkeling & nature time

Tantric dancing + honoring ritual

DAY 5:

Embodiment Yoga 

Closing ceremony/sharing circle

The Venue

We will stay in-house at an intimate luxury boutique hotel in the middle of the Jungle near Tulum, Mexico.

Surrounded by the sounds of the jungle, a peaceful and nurturing environment will support our journeys of depth & sweetness

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  Elina O Vincent as a mystic at heart, has sought, studied, and practiced the most efficient paths and tools for healing and integrating the body-mind-emotions. Fascinated by human existence, and the challenges that we all seem to go through, her life has been dedicated to bringing empowerment and wellbeing through the most efficient methods. From a very young age, she felt pulled towards healing arts, body-oriented therapies, and mysticism.

Besides her natural and intuitive gift to see and heal, she has studied practices and modalities from cultures worldwide. She has created a holistic, deeply transformative approach, born from over 15 years of research, study, experience, and intuition.

Her toolbox contains various bodywork modalities, energy work, BioDynamic Breathwork & trauma release therapy, somatic experiencing, meditation, movement, yoga, nutrition, the path of self-inquiry, shadow-work, plant medicines, mysticism, rebirthing and ancestry healing, Reiki master teacher, “healing the womb” work with women.

She will guide you on a transformative, self-discovery journey, supporting you to release long-held belief systems, memories, and imprints from the past. Leading you into higher states of awareness, personal growth, and direct connection with your sovereign, authentic potential of bliss, sensuality, and joy.

Now based in Mexico, she facilitates transformative workshops, retreats, and private sessions around the world, online and in person.


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Alisha J. Flecky is driven by deep immersion into the divine feminine, to understand and experience this mystery.  Alisha has been studying sacred feminine practices since 2010, taking her on an intimate inner and outer journey around the world. Her personal spiritual practice is with a Shri Vidya tantric lineage. 

Alisha is a coach working with the mindfulness-based, somatic Hakomi method and is a facilitator of Family and Systemic Constellations.  She is currently studying psychology and the trauma-resolution method “Somatic Experiencing”.  She is a hatha yoga teacher, mystical dance teacher, and has an eco-friendly bohemian clothing line.  She loves to explore ancient sacred sites and offers sacred feminine retreats & workshops internationally.

She has recently published her first book “The Divine Feminine Journal”.




 Before 21st August 2022




 after the 21st of August 2022

Retreat Reviews

“How do I begin to thank you both for a truly life-changing experience? I came into the jungle with an open heart to continue cleansing my soul and to further my spiritual journey.
The two of you created such an incredible program. that at my most vulnerable time I thought I could not get through it. It made me dig deep inside and find the strength that I had buried. I broke down all the walls of pain that I had built during the last several years or even generational walls that I had not dealt with. I walked out of this retreat knowing myself better and a much more clear vision of how I want to live my life. Your passion for healing is truly a gift and I’m so blessed to have met the two of you!!
Words can not describe the gratitude I have for both of you!”

– Rhianna


“It was just so special and the scenery and nature surrounding us in the beautiful hills of Pereira (Colombia) were like a fairytale! Perfect for nurturing us as we were gently invited to open ourselves up to unpeeling the layers and discovering our unique selves. I have so much appreciation for the space you created for us to explore what’s really underneath all the social conditioning and whatever that builds up within us”.

– Krystyn


“The overall experience of the retreat was wonderful and transformative. Not only did we have the opportunity to grow as people, in an environment surrounded by nature, silence, and fresh air, but we also shared with women who, like me, had an immense desire to find themselves.”



“Thank you, Elina. You are a very special and beautiful soul. You are truly gifted to hold the space filled with love and help people to heal their traumas, painful memories, and fears. It was a beautiful and profound journey. Thank you for making the magic happen.
We are looking forward to sharing the deep space of transformation with you again.”

– Elena Kvistik


“It helped me immensely to ground back into my body, to reconnect with my emotions, and to release long-held tension. Every session was insightful and transformative in its unique way. Elina is a gifted facilitator. She was able to hold a safe and loving space for the group, guiding us gently, but soundly with her voice or physical touch. When I was feeling stuck or dealing with intense energies she had a precise intuition for what I needed at this moment. The group setting felt supportive to me as it was easier to reach and express my emotions while I heard others express their own. The sharing circle at the beginning and in the end, as well as the short warm-up exercise just before the breathwork, made the experience whole. Over the course of time, I’ve noticed that the processing of pain during the first few sessions made some space for states of pleasure and joy that I’ve barely known before. It has taught me that it’s absolutely worth it to stay committed and open every time anew. I can highly recommend Elina’s work with all of my heart. Thank you, Elina, for the precious time that we’ve spent together.”

– Luise Anahata