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Into.Me.See Project

Deeply transformative, Self-revealing retreats



Deeply knowing another person or oneself.

Feeling deeply known by the other and oneself.

To see and to be seen within.

Close union of particles or elements.

Blending into our hearts


 The IntoMeSee Project is a path of self-study and self-discovery, guiding you “home”,

to a deeper intimacy with oneself, with others, with life, with the truth.

This is a journey of diving deep within your inner seas,

for you to face up to what needs to be healed, addressed,

and eventually integrated and released.

This is a safe space to connect, reveal, peel off, unravel, let go.

A safe space to be free, to breathe free.

A safe space to be seen and to see.

A safe space to take time to be with yourself, away from external distractions,

to allow a self-discovery process and a re-connection of the body, mind and heart.

This is a space for you to uncover your unique potential,

your magnetic, sovereign and authentic expression.

The Vision


We are aiming at narrowing the gap between who you think you are and who you truly are.

We are aiming at empowering you to find your way back to your authentic self, to your expression,  spontaneity and to your joy of life.

We are aiming at shining light on your inner oceans.

This is a journey of unraveling, discovering and allowing the intimacy with your truest self, the untamed brilliance within you.

We will offer a safe, supportive, professional, loving and creative space for you to dive deep within your limitations.

By peeling off those layers, understanding them, integrating and letting them go,

we then can align with the truth and frequency available for us to rise, create, shine,

feel and act from an authentic, empowered place.

You will be guided to find that inner strength, clarity, creativity and sensuality available to you.

It has not gone anywhere; it is waiting for you to unleash it.

You will come out of the experience feeling more connected to your vibrant true self,

to your creative and authentic expression.


IntoMeSee Project Copy

The Journey

Clarity, creativity, productivity, connection, self-love, embodiment, sensuality, joy, freedom, health, and vibrancy.

We all want more of those aspects within our lives.

We will support you to identify what stands in your way for energy to flow within you and in your life. You will be guided to identify in which areas there are any blockages to be dissolved and where you need an alignment.

In a supported, nurturing, non-judgmental environment, you’ll be guided to identify, integrate and release those old patterns from your cellular memory, from your nervous system, your body, and your emotions.

We will create new pathways and positively charged experiences within your being so that a new reality can take place.

For this purpose, all practices are deeply transformative and experiential, with an effect on your whole being; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Beware, you may shift your reality radically.

This is a deeply TRANSFORMATIVE, yet FUN and JOYFUL experience, crafted with care and clear intention.

The Misson


Discover your essence

Uncover your authentic voice and expression

Rebirth your nature

Envision and live your truth

Explore vulnerability

Allow emotions

Find grounding and harmony

Allow life and vibrancy







The Tools


BioDynamic Breathwork

Trauma Release


Embodiment Practices

Dance & Conscious Movement

Self-Discovery & Shadow Work

Somatic Experiencing


Sacred Rituals



Plant-based cuisine

Upcoming Retreats


IntoMeSee Project


Hosted by Nordic Mindset.

IntoMeSee Project

Colombia Perreira /DATES COMING SOON

Hosted by The Magical Retreat.