Raising Frequency & Breathwork

Online Challenge

Inner light activation for an epic new decade

6th – 24th January 2021


Gain clarity, alignment, wellness, prosperity, productivity, a sense of purpose. I will guide you to re-program & rewire your inner circuitry into the highest frequency available to you

From the comfort of your home, we’ll activate and raise your frequency to align with an epic new decade.

ALIGN yourself with the right intentions and the FREQUENCY of your DREAMS,

RELEASE the old clutter, stress, shocks, beliefs that prevent you from being your authentic self,

Use this POWERFUL PORTAL to get to the RESULTS you want: health, body, emotional, mental, material wellbeing and ease.

We’ll use powerful tools to release, integrate, align your being

Breathwork, trauma release processes, pranayama, mindfulness, self-inquiry, meditation,

energy work, lifestyle strategy, nutrition, intentions & gratitude, actualisations.

***my Xmas gift to you***

Once you sign up

I will add you to our private FB group. You will have access to all 9 live classes.

All classes, videos and links will be uploaded in this group. 

We’ll meet 3 times a week. 6th January – 24th January 2021.

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

If you can’t join live, you’ll have access to all the materials for 2 months.

The energy exchange is USD 222 / EUR 200.
I can receive Revolut, Paypal, Transferwise, or bank transfer.


And I’m looking forward to entering this new phase alongside you.

Breathe in your authentic expression

Reclaim your free-flow of breath, movement & vitality.

Reclaim your highest potential, your freedom to express, move & feel.

Reclaim your birth-right to joy, pleasure, bliss & connection.

Retreat Reviews

  • "I absolutely adore this work. Elina holds space for each of the participants, so you can feel safe with her and you can just let go. She's a very grounded, calm, strong person with high energy. But just go and see yourself."

    - Rena Verena
  • "An absolutely amazing bodyworker and workshop facilitator. I highly suggest anyone who has the chance to participate in one of Elina's retreats. During her workshops, I felt really connected to my being and safe to express it.
     In the process I felt supported and safe, allowing myself to enter a healing journey.
    Thank you, Elina, many blessings."

    - Aigars L.
  • "I think what you do is so important, I really thank you for all of your support! You helped me so much with your wisdom and all the breathwork sessions I could attend so far! Thank you again, I feel deep gratitude" 

    - Christoph Baierlipp