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Sovereign Mastery Mentorship 4 months online program for heart centered & embodied leaders

☉ Sovereign Mastery Mentorship 

Regain your sovereign, magnetic authenticity and expression


In search of a new perspective in life?

In need of a clearer understanding?

Feeling stuck in old, self-limiting, repetitive patterns?

Do you want to balance emotional and physical well-being?

Are you ready to live at your highest potential?

Are you ready to get inspired and discover your self-worth? 

Become the wo/man of the new era, who walks the talk.

In this 4-months mentorship program for heart-centered & embodied leaders, I guide you:

  • to step into your healthy feminine/masculine energy,
  • to heal from ancestral and personal traumas and conditioning,
  • to regain your health and healthy sensuality,
  • to improve your sense of self and embodiment,
  • to find your sense of purpose, and heartfelt leadership. 

Your unique spark is alive and powerful. Beyond any story, trauma, stress experienced. Past or present.

My approach is designed to break through the layers of armoring, releasing mental, emotional, soul, and physical imprints down to the core.

Sovereign Mastery Mentorship


An embodied, heart-centered leader is one who:

  • has taken time for self-discovery,
  • has taken time to heal from personal and ancestral traumas and conditioning,
  • has done personal work and shadow work,
  • has done inner-child healing work,
  • has healed their relationship to their inner and outer feminine & masculine (including mother & father portal work),
  • thus from this embodied, self-aware state has discovered his / hers own authentic true voice and expression. 

You are sovereign, free, and powerful.

Time to reclaim your own thrown and to show up in the world.

Join me for the deep rebirth process of the  “Sovereign Mastery” 4-months online Mentorship.

Click on “book a call” below to schedule a quick chat & to see if you are ready for this program. 

Get inspired and be the creator of the life you desire so much!

I can help you to discover new possibilities in a wide range of subjects. Online private sessions & online group sessions are available.

From clearing blockages, self-limiting belief systems, to deeply understanding your own limitations, integrating them and dissolving them.

Together, we’ll look at all the aspects in your life that prevent you from living in your highest potential.

Whether it is money/ abundance issues, relationships, professional life, sexuality, we’ll find out what are the aspect in your life that do not flow freely. Once identified we’ll work on dissolving the unaddressed, repressed reasons of this lack of flow, through deep self-inquiry work and transformational practices. Such as work on the lower/shadow self, guided meditations, trauma release work, breath-work, deprogramming of old self-limiting patterns, amongst many other tools used to provide a fully safe and supported environment for you to dive deeper within your self and to become the change you want to see.

You are capable of influencing the world, and the best way to do this is to transform yourself.

What can we work on and what results can you achieve?

  • Release deep-seated blockages such as
  • chronic pain 
  • addictive behaviors
  • obsessive-compulsive disorders 
  • Release persistent difficulties and repetitive patterns
  • Release stress, anxiety, fear, insecurity
  • Release traumatic, abusive stories stored in your physical/emotional body
  • Release emotional & sexual blockages
  • Release grief, sadness, depression
  • Release self-sabotaging mechanisms and thought-forms
  • Heal the mother/father portal
  • Clear present life, generational, ancestral contracts, traumas, conditioning, thought forms, patterns and imprints
  • Rebirthing & inner child work
  • Personal development & inner shadow work
  • Expand your capacity to contain and support the free flow of life-force energy and bliss
  • Deep restructuring and rewiring at a cellular level and at the nervous system level
  • Opening of the spine, free flow of movement, and breath
  • Become increasingly a more present, conscious, and joyous being
  • Rewire your nervous system, hacking the old programs and implementing new positively charged emotions and experiences
  • Gain deeper acceptance of yourself and others
  • Improve your connection to your body, your sensuality, self-love, and self-worth
  • Gain a healthy connection to your health, body and nutrition
  • Establish healthy values and boundaries
  • Gain clarity, efficiency and a sense of purpose 
  • Uncover your true gifts and talents
  • Align your spiritual and material wellbeing
  • Prosperity and abundance work
  • Celebrate life, become more present and aware…

Introduction session


It is important you have a short consultation session first. Together we determine your intentions, what you want to get out of your sessions with me, what brings you here. I’ll share with you knowledge and practices that have the potential to change the way you see yourself, your life and others around you.

Deepening sessions


We’ll use different practices according to the subject addressed. You’ll be safely guided to release old patterns, experience your emotional and physical body in a connected, present manner. You’ll become more empowered, more aware. You’ll get homework and recommended readings.

Follow up sessions


To sustain your daily personal practice is a must for a long lasting and efficient change in your life. To support this practice, I’m available for follow up sessions, which will support you in your daily life, re-motivate and guide to really ground and embody the change into your life.


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